The goodwill and expertise of the directors; who has been working with construction industry for more than 12 years, has invited many enquiries to strart construct buildings. The close enquiries lead us to venture in to construction. SBL was incorporated to take up consutrction projects in 2007.

SBL was awarded a notable project in the year of 2007 immediately after the company formation. This successfull begnning has given us many projects.

SBL is now an NCA (National Construction Authority) NCA-1 (level-1) contractor, and is capable of undertaking projects of any size and value within eastern africa region.

Sava Builders Limited (SBL) is an established construction company in Kenya. SBL employess 800+ employees.

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Sava House

Our corporate office, SBL owned, located in Off Mombasa Road, Syokimau Road, Nairobi, Kenya


A full fledged workshop which can take care of all type of engineering works for all our projects.


Carpentory workshop can handle all the Doors, Windows, and other wooden accessories required for our projects.

Go Downs

We have various go-downs for storage purpose, We stock major construction materials.

Mixing Plant

We are in the process of the setting up a Mixing Plant in our corporate office vacant area.

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